As I have written an article previously on 13 Must Have Laptop Accessories, I have stated an external hard drive is an essential companion that every laptop geek should keep. This post is about External Hard Drive for Mac and PC Under 50 and I’m pretty sure it’s worth it to read the whole article until you find the right device to complete the essential laptop accessory list.

As people love to go mobile everything now comes at pocket size. The external hard disk is also the result of the mobile generation. To keep the laptop small in size manufacturers simply pack small SSD but many people still feel the dearth of spacious storage. Not the big storage only matters but people need to keep backup for their important files sometimes even the entire system.

While laptop users (desktop users too) intend to find an external hard drive for their secondary storage they also tend to get a cheaper one. The aim of my article is to show the external hard drive under 50 dollars for MAC & PC, with powerful device & cool design. Start reading!

External Hard Drive for Mac and PC Under 50

WD 500GB Black My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive – USB 3.0


Four available colors: Black, Blue, White, & Berry

Automatic backup

USB 3.0

For Windows & Mac


external hard drive for Mac & PC under 50


My Passport Ultra is a safe & trusted device for your storage management. With great design this external hard drive has pretty cool features. Under three different storage capacities you can choose one: we’re discussing on 500GB storage as it serves the purpose of this article. To find the external hard drive under 500 dollars this is a perfect one. It allows you to create a password that make the device encrypted which means an additional security layer.

This device works just perfect for different uses in different devices say in gaming devices like Xbox one. The good news is it can also be used in Mac. After plug it in one needs to select MAC for the setup options, that’s it. As it’s a USB 3.0 device it’s also compatible with USB 2.0.

With automatic backup (local and cloud), slim, availability in different colors, and USB 3.0 this device is worth to buy it for additional storage.

Toshiba Canvio Basics 500GB Portable Hard Drive


Plug-in & use

USB 3.0-enabled

Colors: Black, silver, & white


Compact design

Limited warranty

Toshiba’s Canvio Basics portable hard drive offers you the total solution for your demand of large storage capacity. Just plug and enjoy the extended storage size of your computer. It’s very easy to use without installing single software.

external hard drive for Mac & PC under 50


This external hard drive is under 50 dollars as the title of my article goes. It can accommodate perfectly your essential files no matter how large it is. The portability of the device will let you keep it along anywhere you go.

Some protection technologies like Internal Shock Sensor is pretty handy to save the device from damage. The durability & the reputation of Toshiba’s product will make your mind more peaceful. This external drive works very well in both PC and MAC. For MAC you just need to format it. No worry, it’s not hard to do, just make Google search.

Transcend 128GB Solid State Drive


Easy to use

No additional software

Rock-solid body


Trusted and secured

Colors: Black & Silver

More speed & more capacity in computer can easily be boost with Transcend SSD. With new features this SSD is capable to beat any other similar devices. For data protection this external hard drive has some extensive features: for long data retention there’s ECC protection & Power Shield to protect data in unexpected power loss.

Transcend is a popular brand with their flash devices, so the SSD is. Being novel in SSD manufacturing they deliver just superb goods. Both the battery power & the speed of your laptop will be more with the plugging-in this Transcend SSD. And yes, it’s an awesome external hard drive under 50 dollar too.

external hard drive for Mac & PC under 50


As Transcend put more importance on reading speed your computer may jump to 424MB/s from 77MB/s – that’s huge, isn’t it? We know that our computer reads more than writing. With great price & excellent performance this Transcend SSD is my recommendation for your laptop upgrade.

Toshiba Canvio Connect II


Available in five great colors

Attractive design

Capacity variation: 5

Reasonable price

For next level portable storage laptop geeks don’t think twice to get Toshiba’s Canvio Connect II. Better security, local and cloud backup, remote accessibility – with all these features this portable hard drive is your ultimate solution for portable storage.

You can keep all your digital data in a safe place with any storage size of Toshiba’s Canvio Connect II as it’s available in three different storage capacity. Sharing and streaming your documents is now very easy even you’re able to upload or download anything from your laptop or mobile.

Not only files and folders one can backup the whole system to the Toshiba’s Canvio Connect II beyond storing regular files and folders. For better protection you may secure your treasures with password or the cloud storage is there for absolute security.

Automatic backup system is a wonderful feature of Toshiba’s Canvio Connect II. You just need to schedule it then relax. Unlike other portable storage devices this one is a total solution available to you under the list of external hard drive under 50 dollar.

Bipara 2.5 Inch External Hard Drive


Capacity: 500GB

USB 2.0

Silver color

Ultra slim

external hard drive for Mac & PC under 50


BIPARA 500 GB external hard drive comes with a handy pocket size at just 2.5 inch. Its’ One Touch Backup software [free] lets you all your back up process done at ease. Being America’s no.1 hard drive specialist BIPARA has brought this amazing portable device to extend your storage capacity.

It’s formatted [FAT32] and ready to be used this portable hard drive will definitely take care of your backup for files, folders, systems and any other digital data you want to store. No installation software needed, just plug in and play.

With USB2.0 it has high transfer speed so you can copy files in very short time. No matter which computer you’re using – PC, MAC, laptop, desktop – it supports all. You just need to connect into your USB port, that’s all!

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