The objective of this guide is to give you the right direction with best wireless gaming mouse under 50, cheap and incredible in performance!

A gaming laptop cannot be complete without a gaming mouse. An upgraded, stylish & heavy mouse is kind of integral part of a gaming PC. The other thing is a cool mouse makes a huge difference. A good mouse has first, uninterrupted performance and second, nice design.

Whether you should use a wired or wireless mouse depends on your activity and personal choice. Wireless mouse is the right selection for comfortable use that also let you to take action sitting far from laptop. A wire less means your table has one cable less, and you can plug a USB device into that empty port.

Weight and size also matter for wireless gaming mouse that’s comfortable for your hand. To pick the right wireless gaming mouse under $50 you need some guidelines to understand the right pick. On the other hand the wrong mouse that’s not comfortable to your hand may cause to some uneasiness or even pain in your hand – especially for long term use.

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 50

Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse (Tweet Tweet)

best wireless gaming mouse under 50

Logitech M325

Logitech M325 Wireless Gaming Mouse is best for web scrolling. To make scrolling easier in a web page from top to bottom this mouse is a perfect choice for gamers and web surfers. The design of the mouse is very comfortable for the hand even if you work for long time. Also the look is awesome and feel-good.

Battery life is a great concern for wireless mouse and here Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse found amazing. The long battery life of 18 months will make you tension-free to change battery in one and a half year.

Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux the Logitech M325 Wireless Gaming Mouse has a wonderful receiver like other wireless mouse that should be plugged in your laptop’s USB port. Using advanced technology of Logitech like Optical Tracking one can easily point and click precisely.

Pros: In one word this is an awesome wireless gaming mouse. Then affordable price, pretty design and comfortable shape are things make me crazy for it! Battery life is amazing. The quality and easy installation also can be few factors to consider.

Cons: I didn’t find any. This is most probably my desired wireless gaming mouse ever made on earth!


Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse (Black)

This could be called Black Beauty, another amazing product from the incredible Logitech hut. MMO buttons simply make a lot of things easier to do without hassle. The thumb panel of this mouse is so fantastic that you don’t even look into it for super quick navigation.

best wireless gaming mouse under 50

Logitech G600

Gaming geeks must find the 20 MMO-tuned buttons incredibly handy to play big games where several keys or buttons are required for multiple functions. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse also let you customize your favorable settings including button actions, panel lighting colors or DPI levels.

It’s designed for PC gaming. So it comes best performer using in Windows platform.

PROS: Heavy enough and the weight are great. Reasonable price, 8200 DPI and the comfortable size made this wireless gaming mouse so attractive. Different LED color could be set for different mode.

CONS: Few bugs and problems with G-shift key could be considered for negative aspects. These are not any substantial reasons for the mouse to choose or not to.


E-Blue Mazer II Wireless Gaming Mouse

best wireless gaming mouse under 50

E-Blue Mazer II

A great choice could be this E-Blue Mazer II 2500 DPI Wireless Gaming Mouse for the geek laptop users. This is a recommended wireless gaming mouse for its attractive design and comfortable shape. The scroll wheel is covered with rubber and illuminated with LED. Right-handed gamers must love the ergonomically design of it.

The wireless technology and the optical gaming chipset keep the mouse one step ahead of other competitors. You can enjoy precise tracking level for high frame rate (3000/second). 5 Million Button Clicks can be implemented because of the lifespan provided by Omron Micro Switch.

The blue led lights made the mouse very cool and sophisticated design. Responsive buttons, DPI settings, good shape altogether creates a fantastic combination of a playful mouse. Power setting will let you keep the mouse On, Off, and an additional setting with On with lights that seems a comfortable choice.

PROS: I dare to say that this mouse is something else because of its design, first and the quality, second. The cost of other brands with the same configuration will be much higher than this.

CONS: The right button is for the right-handed but the left button is not for the left-handed. The DPI setting is lost sometimes; probably it will be taken care of.

Kensington Orbit Wireless Trackable Mouse

For comfort and precise action this wireless trackble mouse could be a beautiful choice. The two buttons of the mouse can be customized with your preference. Also it’s compatible with both MAC & PC.  Furthermore, one can easily scroll through web pages & pdf or word documents using touch scrolling facility.

best wireless gaming mouse under 50


If you are a Logitech user you should give this wonderful product a try. Although Logitech mice are pretty awesome but sometimes I recommend people Kensington for various reasons and one of them is beautiful design. Furthermore, the size that is fairly small & the wireless function are something noteworthy they have.

PROS: The centered position of trackball seems pretty handy also I like the size of it. Moreover the construction & design have received my attraction.

CONS: The buttons are on the side since many users preferred them on the top.

Lenovo ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse

This is probably the best Bluetooth mouse you’ve ever used. To be honest, I’m not exaggerating a bit. If you’ve already used it you know the truth & if you haven’t then listen to me – I’m telling my honest experience. Your other mice might have malfunctioned for several times but this mouse won’t.

Lenovo ThinkPad Bluetooth mouse is most comfortable mouse that is also most consistent in terms of performance & durability. In addition I’ve never experienced any bad signal or no signal at all during my work. The best feeling I’ve ever got using corded or wireless mouse is with Lenovo ThinkPad Bluetooth Mouse.

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 50


PROS: Smart design, awesome finish & sharp action made this mouse best piece in my list. Also the nice buttons & healthy battery life are some good features, I must say.

CONS: Wheels seem to be a little bit stiff while scrolling. The price may be little bit higher comparing to other Bluetooth mice.

In conclusion, I hope you’ve already got which mouse to buy from Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 50. Keep visiting my blog for more laptop accessories update every once in a while.

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