Virtual Reality is a modern excitement for tech-geek. Few years back it was just a dream that people think hardly. But thanks to all the tech developers who brought the dreams come true even a random person can afford it for new level of experience. I’m going to talk about some of best virtual reality headset reviews instead of talking about basics.

VR headsets are two kinds. Tethered headsets generally have incorporated displays and a cable connection to computers. They are resource-intensive and tend to be large in size and expensive too. Computers with high configuration are required for making these headsets in functioning.

Mobile headsets cannot perform a single task without a mobile device or a smartphone to be exact. These kind of headsets need smartphones first all for the display and secondly for the processing. Without a smartphone they’re nothing but a box with lenses. As the smartphones work the main process mobile headsets are small and lightweight. They’re affordable with nice price.

Companies are now making fully functional VR headsets for computers & smartphones. We see the current trends that bring 3D movies for viewers that definitely require Virtual Reality Headset to enjoy up to the fullest.

The choice is really vast out in the market so that one can be confused about which one to opt for their device. Unless one is lucky enough to check out more than one virtual reality headset it could be really tough to choose the correct one.

The idea of Virtual Reality has been circulating for years in technology world. Past few years could be considered as a flourishing age when this super brilliant facility came to people’s hand that anyone can access. The long-lasting barrier has been broken through by the newest technology.

You can find yourself the answer of why it is the most expensive VR headset? The slick visuals, 3D mapping of your areas, computer tethering – these cool features make it stood in front of the row.

Best Virtual Reality Headset Reviews

After reviewing some market-best virtual reality headsets I’ve picked up selective few for my readers. Let’s check them out one by one. There will be no regret, I must say.


Best Virtual Reality Headset

As of right now, no VR experience is close to as HTC Vive. While I’m saying the HTC Vive virtual reality is the most noteworthy and complete VR experience trust me I’m not exaggerating a little bit. Among all the other similar category products this one is the best on the market.

Unlike other virtual reality headsets HTC Vive is different because first of all it allows walking around the room wearing it. Using IR sensors that calculate empty space in your room and integrate it HTC Vive gives you freedom while other devices provide only a little movement.

Including the headset, base stations for defining VR area, and motion controllers HTC Vive is a comprehensive package. Honestly speaking, Vive is the most impressive and complete VR device we’ve seen so far.

You also need to know that it is tethered that must be connected to a computer. It’s most integrated and independent headset that leaves you in freedom while you’re enjoying videos and games. This device also requires a powerful computer with great CPU and GPU.

GOOD: Most comprehensive VR experience with cutting-edge technology.

BAD: A high-end GPU is a basic requirement. The price seems pretty high too.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift has probably got more placements in headlines than any other VR systems. For being the pioneer, or the founder teen geek Lucky Palmer, or acquired by Facebook – a lot of reasons to be the most exciting entity in VR world.

Virtual Reality and Oculus Rift has become synonymous to each other. Last few years the Oculus Rift was in form of development but right now it’s completely available for consumers. It’s most advanced tech device with the most comprehensive package. It’s nearly the only virtual reality headset on the market that’s definitely worth your money.

Best Virtual Reality HeadsetThe tough news is it requires a high-spec computer for it like HTC Vive. You must need a super-effective computer to use the VR set.

In comparison to Vive the Rift seems to be standing a few steps back in VR experience. While Vive enabled two awesome features as Room-Scaling and two motion controllers Oculus Rift still in need of more technology update.

Although Rift costs cheaper than Vive but still it offers some compelling features to the consumers. With mid-level VR option and an affordable price Oculus Rift is a pretty good choice to the cart.

Oculus Rift is definitely an amazing pick to experience thrilling VR world. After Facebook buyout this product is in the process of more development and hopefully it has made itself a premium category and most advanced VR option.

GOOD: Oculus Rift is regarded as the pioneer of VR technology. They put much effort for the development of the entire system.

BAD: Lacking some features comparing to its competitors. Motion Controls or Room-scale isn’t included yet.

Samsung Gear VR

best virtual reality headset

Samsung gear VR

Samsung is an early developer of virtual reality headset in cooperation with Oculus. They designed it for the smartphone users who aren’t in need of a computer connection make the headset functioning. Although currently the VR facilities quiet available but still Samsung brought few versions of a compelling VR set.

Supporting different smartphone models from Samsung this VR headset is comfortable to wear over your head. The lenses are adjustable with the screen & resolution of the device in use. The displays could be split between your eyes in order to get an optimum result and slick visuals.

As the first virtual reality headset was brought by Samsung collaborated with Oculus. To use this headset you simply buy a Samsung smart handset then download apps and games from Oculus store to see them through VR technology.

Lastly one thing should be stated that Samsung Gear VR is obviously not the best virtual reality headset. But considering the design, construction, quality, and mostly the availability this one is the easiest device one can grab.Best Virtual Reality Headset
GOOD: The build quality is definitely superb. Although it was built for the Samsung devices it also supports many modern devices.

BAD: Seems more expensive than other virtual reality handsets currently available in the market.

In the end, I put it this way without having a virtual reality headset you’ll be missing most of the modern day excitement. Virtual reality is a world within a world, enjoy the gift. Most of all when the blessing is at your finger-distant why don’t you give it a try?

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